GPR 28-0-0 delivers high quality nitrogen with reduced leaching and reduced volatilization - keeping essential nitrogen in place and available to the plant. A high-nitrogen content for supplementing a complete program or a mid season boost. At 72% SRN it provides plant feeding for weeks and minimizes burning. Excellent for all plant applications; turf, ornamental and agriculture.

NOTE: This is a concentrate! Be sure to compare nitrogen content when looking at other products.

Product is registered with the Colorado Department of Agriculture

For Foliar and Soil Application

- Environment friendly
- Greatly reduced nitrogen leaching and volatilization
- Fast plant response
- Nitrogen is released up to ten weeks
- For both foliar and soil applications
- Ideal for fertigation
- Very low salt index
- Covers 2,975 square feet of turf (At ½ lb. Nitrogen per 1,000 sq. ft.)

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Environmentally conscious consumers please note that ALL of our fertilizers contain Slow Release Nitrogen (SRN) and are low-salt formulations. For those homeowners in states or municipalities that restrict the application of phosphorus, please see our GPR 20-0-7.5-5s Fertilizer. It contains no phosphorus and has 72% SRN. And don’t forget our GPR Humic Acid. Humic is one of the best ways to improve the organic content of soil.
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All product labels
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Colorado Department of Agriculture

20-0-7.5-5s 70% SRN
28-0-0 72% SRN
25-0-0 30% SRN

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GPR 28-0-0, Professional Strength, Enhanced Efficiency Fertilizer with 72% Slow Release Nitrogen

Green Prairie Ranch 28-0-0 fertilizer can be used on crops (vegetable and non-vegetable), turf and grasses, trees, flowers, vines and ornamentals. It can be applied to all soil types and pH ranges, to all transplant solutions, dips, and to all watering solutions.

Green Prairie Ranch 28-0-0 Fertilizer is a liquid nitrogen formulation with 72% slow-release nitrogen. The slow-release properties keep high quality nitrogen available to the plant longer, helping sustain growth over the long term without the surges that can adversely affect plant health and quality. The nitrogen is released to the plant over a period of 35 days on the leaf surface and up to ten weeks in the soil through the combined effects of heat, hydrolysis, microbial activity and UV radiation.