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Each bottle is sealed with a foil liner.
(No foil seal on 2.5 gallon jugs.)

For Foliar and Soil Application

- Improves soil structure and water holding ability
- Increases effectiveness of fertilizers
- Stimulates soil microbial activity
- Stabilizes soil pH levels
- Increases stress tolerance
- Promotes root vitality and plant uptake of essential nutrients
Green Prairie Ranch Humic Acid is an environmentally safe, organic matter that can be used on crops (vegetable and non-vegetable), turf and grasses, trees, flowers, vines and ornamentals. It can be applied to all soil types and pH ranges, to all transplant solutions, dips, and to all watering solutions.

Humic acid's organic composition supports optimum plant growth, increases plant quality and production and improves and replenishes soils depleted of organic matter. It can be mixed with fertilizer, nutrient solutions and/or chemicals.

GPR Humic Acid is extracted from leonardite, a naturally occurring mineral deposit formed in the earth over millions of years by the chemical and biological decomposition of prehistoric plant and animal matter. It's nature's liquid compost. Shake well before using. May stain, keep off unwanted surfaces.


Humic Acid.................................. 12.0%
Derived from leonardite mineral deposits
Weight per gallon: 9.05 lbs.
Appearance: Dark Brown to Black

SOIL: Apply 1-2 gallons with sufficient water per acre. Broadcast directly onto the soil at pre-planting. For best results, incorporate into the top 1-2 inches.
TURF: Apply 3-4 ounces with 3-5 gallons of water per 1000 square feet.
GARDENS/POTTED PLANTS: Mix 3 ounces per each gallon of water. Apply solution around root zone every two weeks.
HOUSEPLANTS: Apply 2 tablespoons per gallon of water. Water as normal around base of plant.
TREES: Mix 2-4 quarts with minimum of 50 gallons of water per acre. Wet leaves both top and bottom. Repeat four times during growing season.
GREENHOUSE: Use a 1% solution (1 quart per 25 gallons of water) water over plants until soaked into ground.
HYDROPONICS: Use at 250 ppm.
ROW CROPS: Mix 1-2 quarts with a minimum of 5 gallons of water per acre.

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