We offer Enhanced Efficiency Liquid Fertilizer, Macro and Micro Nutrients and Soil Amendments for:

Turf • Garden • Trees • Greenhouse
Golf Course • Sports Field
Nursery • Farm • Hydroponics

Small quantity packaging (32oz) to 260 gallon totes

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Environmentally conscious consumers please note that ALL of our fertilizers contain Slow Release Nitrogen (SRN) and are low-salt formulations. For those homeowners in states or municipalities that restrict the application of phosphorus, please see our GPR 20-0-7.5-5s Fertilizer. It contains no phosphorus and has 72% SRN. And don’t forget our GPR Humic Acid. Humic is one of the best ways to improve the organic content of soil.
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20-0-7.5-5s 70% SRN
28-0-0 72% SRN
25-0-0 30% SRN

Micro Nutrients / Soil Amendments

Enhanced Efficiency Fertilizer (EEF)
Slow Release Nitrogen (SRN)
Foliar Feeding
Environmental Impact
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